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    Exclamation Ima noob who needs a little assistance

    class BigDebt {
    public static void main (String[] arguments) {
    int debt = 59000000;
    debt = debt / 1440;
    System.out.printIn("A minutes time worth of debt is$" + debt);

    thats my code, and for some reason it wont compile using JAVAC

    it gets a error like ^ pointing at the period between out and printIn. im new, just started, this is in a book i bought, and i cant even use that. any assistance?
    the error says cannot find symbol
    symbol : method printIn(java.lang.String)
    location :class
    System.out.printIn("a minutes time worth of dept is$" + debt);

    1 error

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    Default Re: Ima noob who needs a little assistance

    The compiler can not the method: printIn
    Check your spelling.
    It's spelled with an l (lowercase L) not an I

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