So if this code allows me to rotate my camera around the center of a scene

Java Code:
    Vector3f camPos = new Vector3f(0, 10, 0);
    Vector3f center = new Vector3f (0,0,0);
    Quaternion camRot = new Quaternion();
    Quaternion tempQuat = new Quaternion();

camPos = cam.getLocation();
tempQuat.fromAngles(0, 0, tpf + 0.05f).multLocal(camPos);
camRot.lookAt(center.subtract(camPos), new Vector3f(Vector3f.UNIT_Z));

How can I make my camera rotate around whereever it is looking at so when I am pointing for ex my cam at object x I can rotate around it AS LONG as I am looking at it?

Thanks in advance