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    Default Not all methods show in my MouseListener

    When I say in constructor:

    Java Code:
    		this.setToolTipText("Drag and Drop");
    for : public class MainMenuBar extends JMenuBar I have no problems.

    But I add a MouseListener to my MenuBar, and please see the code:
    Java Code:
    		public void mouseEntered(MouseEvent e) {
    			System.out.println("Mouse entered");
    This works fine as well. When I move my mouse over the menubar, it changes to Red.
    But I cant say:

    Java Code:
    e.getComponent().setToolTipText("Drag and Drop");
    Can you please help me why I do not get the setToolTipText method when I try it like this ?

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    Default Re: Not all methods show in my MouseListener

    getComponent() returns a reference of type java.awt.Component. That class neither has nor inherits a method setToolTipText(...)

    If you want to use the method, you will have to cast the reference to a type that has that method, which all Swing components inherit from JComponent. It is then your responsibility to ensure the code does not fail at runtime with a ClassCastException.

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