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    Question Where to put this source code ? *.java or *.jsp

    I am here not to get help about my source code content itself because it works but I am asking where to put this code ? in the *.java file or the jsp file ?
    If *.java file then nothing easy then copy/past it into it but if it is jsp file so is it just put this code between <% %> ?
    Java Code:
    if (request.getMethod().equals("POST"))
    String userID  = request.getParameter("username");
    String userPWD = request.getParameter("password");
    String data = "username=" + userID + "&password=" + userPWD;
    String link = "" + data;
    URL url = new URL(link);
    BufferedReader reader = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(url.openStream()));

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    Default Re: Where to put this source code ? *.java or *.jsp

    It's code.
    It doesn't belong in a JSP file.
    Since it deals with specifics of a request then it should be in a servlet.
    That servlet will then forward to a JSP after it's finished doing whatever it is it is doing.

    Since servlets have doGet() and doPost() you can even skip the check on request method.

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