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    Default Counting the fequency of word combinations

    So Ive been working on this program which would take a sentence, create all possible word combinations and then record how many times that combination occurred. So far Ive been able to generate the word combinations with a 2d array. ex:

    combinations [0] [1] [2]
    W1 W1 1
    W1 W2 1
    W1 W3 1
    ... ... .
    Wn Wn 1

    Where the first two column are the combination and the frequency is an int in the third column. Right now I have my first two columns done but how would I go about adding that frequency to the combination?

    I suppose I have a few questions:

    1)Can I have one of the columns to an int (is that possible), if so how would I declare that/go about doing that?
    2)Is there a better way to count the amount of times that a combination appears?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Counting the fequency of word combinations

    You can not mix data types in an array.
    If you know about how to create classes, this would be a place you could use a class with the three variables: 2 String and 1 int.
    You'd create the object, store the values in it and save the object in an ArrayList.

    Otherwise you will need another parallel array to hold the int counts.

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