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    Default create and array with variable names

    I'm trying to see how i can create and array with employee names
    All i see is examples with already pre poplulated employee names , I want to enter my own via JOptionPane.

    public class EmployeeInfo

    private String EmpName; // Name of Employee
    private int HoursWorked; // number of regular hours worked
    private int HoursOT; // number of hours over 40 worked
    private int Pay; // regular pay 20.00 per hour 40 hrs or less
    private int PayOT; // overtime pay of hours over 40 at 1.5 times regular pay

    Sting[] Name; // array to store names
    int [] HoursWorked; // array to store hours worked

    Name[] EmpName = new Name[3]

    EmpName[0] = new Name ();
    EmpName[1] = new Name ();
    EmpName[2] = new Name ();
    This is what i have but so fare but what is it that will allow me to set the array to take any employee names
    thank you

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    Default Re: create and array with variable names

    Java Code:
    EmpName[0] = new Name ();
    That is incorrect syntax. It makes Name look like the name of a class because of the new
    The same here:
    Java Code:
    Name[] EmpName = new Name[3]
    Name is used here like it is the name of a class.

    Replace the "new Name()" with the String that you want to assign to that slot in the EmpName array.

    You need to look at your lessons where it describes how to code a variable definition.
    I'm assuming that Name is not a class.

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