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    Default Learning to make something useful

    I’ve been learning object oriented programming and the Java syntax, both of which I now know. But I’m tired of books only showing me how to do meaningless loops and methods.
    Every book I’ve looked at teaches the same meaningless stuff, granted this foundation is important, but I’ve got that down now. So where do I go from here? I want to learn practical programming, making useful applications in Java.
    I’ve even looked everywhere for some good source code, but then again what I find is just... meaningless.
    Where’s the source code for something like a utorrent client, or any other useful program.

    I want to learn the framework, not just the syntax, am I actually expected to just sit down and go through one class at the time of the API? It’s not like there’s just one Java framework either...

    Can you recommend any books that’s more project based taking you from start to end making one single useful application?

    Is there even any good Windows or Mac applications developed with Java?
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