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    Default trying to understand generic Syntax

    Hell, I am trying to understand how to use parameterized types and I keep getting confused as to what my AnyType variable refers to. I have an example that I have been working with. In this example, Shape implements comparable and Rectangle implements Shape.

    Java Code:
    import java.util.ArrayList;
    import java.util.List;
    public class GenericInsertionSort {
        private static class DefaultComparator<AnyType extends 
                Comparable<? super AnyType>> implements Comparator<AnyType>{
            public int compare(AnyType lhs, AnyType rhs) {
                return lhs.compareTo(rhs);
        public static <AnyType> void insertionSort(List<AnyType> myList, 
                Comparator<? super AnyType> cmp) {
            for (int p = 1; p < myList.size(); p++){
                AnyType temp = myList.get(p);
                int j = p;
                for (; j > 0 &&, myList.get(j-1)) < 0; j--)
                    myList.set(j, myList.get(j - 1));
                myList.set(j, temp);
        public static void main(String[] args) {
            ArrayList<Integer> myInts = new ArrayList<Integer>();
            List<Rectangle> shapeList = new ArrayList<Rectangle>();
            shapeList.add(new Rectangle(10, 12));
            shapeList.add(new Rectangle(11, 15));
            insertionSort(shapeList, new DefaultComparator<Shape>());
    In this example, what is AnyType (in my insertionSort method) referring to? Is it shape or rectangle? I know that my comparator is of type Shape, and myList is of type Rectangle, I just don't understand how the method call is resolved. Thanks!

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    Default Re: trying to understand generic Syntax

    If you're forever cleaning cobwebs, it's time to get rid of the spiders.

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