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Thread: Simple timer

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    Default Simple timer

    I'm developing a "private server" for an online game and I'm basically reading commands from different files, example:
    Java Code:
    message = You search the crate . . .
    anim = 881
    wait = 2
    message = You find nothing.
    Theoretically what it should do is send the player a message saying "You search the crate . . .", and then a simple animation comes up and wait 2 seconds before displaying the message "You find nothing." The problem is that the delay happens at the begging of the script so it waits 2 seconds, and then it does the animation and sends both of the messages at the same time.

    This should be useful:
    Java Code:
    		Thread.sleep(Integer.parseInt(token3[0]) * 1000);
    	catch(Exception e)
    Any help is highly appreciated; thanks in advance.

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    Try doing this animation and waiting inside a background thread so the EventDispatchThread is not blocked by the waiting/sleeping.

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