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    Default JFreeChart Problems

    I am trying to use JFreeChart to create charts obviously. JFreeChart come with ChartFrame and ChartPanel.
    I have a class to create the chart itself then in another class i have ChartPanel and add that to a normal JPanel this works so far
    by using :

    Java Code:
            ChartPanel chartsPanels = new ChartPanel(charts);
            GroupLayout mainPanelLayout = new GroupLayout(chartPanel);
            GroupLayout.SequentialGroup hGroup = mainPanelLayout.createSequentialGroup();
            GroupLayout.SequentialGroup vGroup = mainPanelLayout.createSequentialGroup();
    my problem is that when i click the button an try to change the chart displaying it won't do anything i can't think it would be about the class that creates the chart it would be the method of displaying.

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    Default Re: JFreeChart Problems

    it won't do anything i can't think it would be about
    Are you sure the code is executing? If you don't execute it, it won't do anything.

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