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    Default will java webBrowser work with frames

    I have written a windows form in C# utilizing its webBrowser. The problem is the web page url that I have it navigate to uses frames, and I continually get redirected, because C#'s documentCompletedEvent will not return true until each frame is processed. I can cut and paste the url in IE's address bar and bring the page right up, but not with C#'s webBrowser. Would I have any better luck with Java's web browser?

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    There is no built-in web browser support in Java.

    But it has a networking support and html rendering support. You can combine these or find sample codes to combine these. Or alternatively you can try to open the URL in default browser of the operating system. Or as a last chance, you can use an open source/commercial component for this.

    Here are some urls which can help you to do your own research:

    Warrior: Java Web Browser
    JRex - The Java Browser Component
    HTML Rendering : Java Glossary
    TeamDev :: In Development :: JxBrowser

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