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Thread: Constructors

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    Default Constructors

    Hey there!

    I do understand what a Constructor does and I've used it before,
    but I was wondering: If I want to use a Constructor, I write a new Class and the class's name and the constructor's name have to be the same,
    is that right?
    So I can only have more than one Constructor in that class, if it has the same name as the first, but more or less arguments?!
    What else can I do with the class? Is it only there to build the constructor(s) in it? Because I think I cannot call another Method in it, right?
    I could build one, though, couldn't I? Would I?

    Would be great if someone would be able to explain,
    b/c I cannot find these questions in google.
    Everyone explains how to use one or build one, but I did this
    already and it worked fine.
    Now I wanna somehow find out more about it in theory.

    cups ;)

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    Default Re: Constructors

    You want to read up on object oriented programming.
    Java is an OO language, so (most) everything it works with are objects, which are instances of a class. Those objects will have attributes and methods as defined by the class. The constructor is simply the part of the class that defines how and object of that class can be created.

    Here's the Oracle tutorial on it.
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