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    Hello everyone.
    I know that when you want to run a simple code you'll use the main method and run it, and when you want to make a class that you'll create instances from it
    you will make the constructor and all the other methods you want to(I forgot how this kind of class are called but that's not the point).

    When I started to work with GUI I got confused, should I write it on the main method and run it?or to make a class for it with a constructor and many other methods that will simplefy the code.
    What is the most common way to work with GUI's?

    Sorry for my bad english.

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    no one?

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    Go through SSCCEs posted in the AWT/Swing forum by members with a few hundred posts or more and draw your own conclusions. But just remember that those are SSCCEs, where one of the focus areas is to include everything in one .java file, hence one public class.

    Any real life application or exercise won't be limited to a single public class, and a GUI based application of any complexity will follow a design pattern, most commonly MVC (model-view-controller).

    Whatever approach you adopt, educate yourself about Swing's single threaded rule and concurrency related issues early on.

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