I am starting with JEE. I have downloaded JBoss 7 server and Eclise Indigo IDE for it. I have intalled all necessary drivers according to server documentation
I did what was written:
"In order use JBoss AS from Eclipse, you'll need Eclipse Indigo (Eclipse 3.7) and JBoss Tools 3.3 M2 or newer. If you want to run the quickstarts from Eclipse, you will also need m2eclipse. You can find instructions for installing Eclipse, m2eclipse and JBoss Tools on the JBoss Tools Site. Make sure you install the Maven Support and Web and Java EE Development features."
I added the server to Eclispe and sever Runtime was created. I click the server and I try to fire it. It shows the status: (starting, sychronized) and proceeds. A few minutes later I get message that runtime failed. Status changes to (stoped synchronized). There is mentioned in Dialog that: "Server JBoss 7.0 Runtime Server failed to start." and nothing more. When I try to run it in debug mode I get no log messages in console. After first try the next try of restartings results in faster stopping and showing the same message (after a few seconds).
When i fire this server without Eclipse it works properly. I have Windows XP.
I am desperate, I have spent a few hours trying fire it. Please help me ...