Hi All,

I have a developed a small project. It reads some configurations from a config.ini file and is dependent upon 2 jar files.

I want to make a jar file for this and execute it.

I have performed following steps for this purpose.

1) File --> Export

2) Here I selects "Jar File" instead of "Runnable Jar File" and checks the checkbox of "Export generated class files and resources"

4) Browse to jar file location

5) Don't select any checkbox from the "Options" checkboxes.

6) click "Next" button.

7) On next screen of "Java Packaging Options", I select first 2 checkboxes of "Export class files with compiled errors" and "Export class files with compiled warnings"

8) click "Next" button.

9) On next screen of "Jar Mainifest Specification" I provide the class name in the "Main Class" Area

10) click "Finish" button.

Now a jar file is created at provided path. Now how to execute/deploy it? As when I go the output file folder and double clicks the jar file, it gives following error

Java Virtual Machine Launcher
Could not find the main class. Program will exit!

Although I have provided the main class, in my case it "verifier.java"

Thanks & Regards,