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    Post What have I done wrong

    Ok, so I know a little about Java, C++ (the basics). But importing packages, (correctly) is just utter mind numbing. I don't no what I've done wrong and have been trying to do this for a few hours now. I feel like I'm gettin somewhere but I can't do a simple input.

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    Default Re: What have I done wrong

    Recommended reading: How to ask questions the smart way

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    Don't name packages java.anything as that conflicts with package names used by Oracle. Anything else is fine: people keep their package names from colliding with one another by using "backwards" web addresses like or whatever. But for simple programs you don't expect to ever be used worldwide anything convenient will do.

    Beyond that, post the actual code and say if it results in compiler messages or strange behaviour at runtime. That way there's a specific question we can address.

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