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    Default How can I call a method of this Inner Class?

    Java Code:
    package myPackage;
    public class Parcel5 
    	public Destination destination(String s)
    		class PDestination implements Destination
    			private String label;
    			private PDestination(String whereTo)
    				label = whereTo;
    			public String readLabel()
    				return label;
    			public void writeLabel()
    		return new PDestination(s);
    	public static void main(String[] args)
    		Parcel5 p = new Parcel5();
    		Destination d = p.destination("Moon");
    I am expecting d.writeLabel() not to work, since writeLabel method is in an Inner - Class that is only in the scope of the method destination().

    I guess my understanding of a class being in the scope of a method is not clear. How is this innerclass I have in scope of a method if I can simply call methods from it ?

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    Default Re: How can I call a method of this Inner Class?

    To be able to call a method all you need is a variable of the right type.

    You have a variable d that is of type Destination, therefore you can call any of the Destination methods like readLabel() or writeLabel(). It does not matter in the least that d refers to an instance of a local type PDestination. You have a reference to a Destination, so you can use Destination methods.

    What you cannot do is call methods or constructors that are specific to a PDestination. You cannot call the PDestination constructor from outside the destination method because PDestination is a local class.

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