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    Default GWT SDK not installed

    Hello everyone

    Nice I found this forum, looks nice :-)

    I'm new at Java and have some problems with installing.

    When I try to run my project I get the message: "GWT SDK not installed"

    I use Eclipse and step by step, I have done that:

    1) Installing Java SE - "Windows x64 87.35 MB jdk-7u2-windows-x64.exe" (I hope that's the right version, I run with Windows 64-bit. I can see there also is a version called "Windows x86"?

    - Java SE Development Kit 7u2 Downloads

    2) Install the Eclipse 3.7 (Indigo)

    - Downloading and Installing the Plugin - Google Plugin for Eclipse - Google Code

    3) Installing GWT Designer
    - Installing GWT Designer - Google Web Toolkit - Google Code

    Unfortunately I still get this bad message: "GWT SDK not installed"

    So my question is, what to do right now?

    /Thank's (:

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    Default Re: GWT SDK not installed

    You have installed the plugin and designer but actual GWT SDK is not yet installed.
    While installing from Eclipse you might have forget to tick SDKs (Google Plugin for Eclipse 3.7(Indigo) Installation Instructions - Google Plugin for Eclipse - Google Code)

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