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Thread: 2D Object array

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    Smile 2D Object array


    i am trying to read the file


    i have 2 classes lets say
    class a{

    private classB[][] board = new board[6][6];
    private String file2 = "sample.txt";
    private int i=0;

    FileReader fReader = null;


    fReader = new FileReader (file2);
    Scanner in = new Scanner(fReader);
    int i=0;
    while (in.hasNextLine())
    String inputLine = in.nextLine();
    String inLine = inputLine;
    board[i][j].state = inLine.charAt(j);
    i++;// not writing the complete code i mean catch n finally

    nnow in classB{

    char state;

    but wen i try to assign the value to the array i get a null pointer exception , i tried to cheeck null pointer exception n then insert but still i have problems to assign values

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    Default Re: 2D Object array

    Your 'board' array has a bunch of references to classB objects but they don't refer to any objects (yet); in your read loop you assume that a board[ i ][ j ] refers to such an object (it doesn't). Create those objects first:

    Java Code:
    for (int row= 0; row < board.length; row++)
       for (int col= 0; col < board[row].length; col++)
          board[row][col]= new classB();
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