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    Default Java and assembly?

    If I am not mistaken, these operators are only related to assembly: << >> >>> & | ^ etc...
    Is this correct?

    In order to become a good programmer, should I learn how to master these and/or learn assembly programming?

    There is a code I found that look like this:

    sb.append(Integer.toString((mdbytes[i] & 0xff) + 0x100, 16).substring(1));
    (sb is a StringBuilder).
    I mean, what are those? 0xff?
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    Default Re: Java and assembly?

    I'm not amazing when it comes to bit manipulation, but that's all those operators do. They shift bits, and you have anding bits, oring bits, and I believe xoring bits.While I doubt it is necessary to be a good programmer, it certainly wouldn't hurt. I'm sure Jos, or someone a bit more advanced than Iwill be able to explain the bit manipulation stuff a bit more.

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