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    Default Multiple criteria autofilter, one column


    Basically my problem is that I want to autofilter one column using four criteria. I have the user input information into cells q2,q3,r2,r3.
    I want the autofilter to filter for all four of these inputs. Currently I have only been able to get it to filter for two of the inputs.

    Range("h:h").AutoFilter 8, Range("q2"), xlOr, Range("q3")

    Is there any way for me to autofilter all four cells in the one column. I was looking at putting the ranges in an array, but that did not work. Help would be greatly appreciated! :)

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    Default Re: Multiple criteria autofilter, one column

    What packages and classes are you using in your program?
    Is this a java programming problem?

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    Default Re: Multiple criteria autofilter, one column

    Looks like VBA to me.

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