Hi, can anyone help me with this: I wrote the follow code, and expected the output to be cor=1,ver=1. however, the result is cor=0,ver=0.
I found that if I change the method findPositoin and make i and j declared and initialized in for, the result will be correct, can anyone tell me why?

class Int{
int value;
public String toString(){
return ""+value;

class JigsawPuzzle{
int[][] status = {{1,2,3},{8,0,4},{7,6,5}};
static void findPosition(Int cor,Int ver,JigsawPuzzle p){ //find the position of blank part
int i=0,j=0;
for( ;i<=2;i++)
for( ;j<=2;j++)
public class Step{
public static void main(String[] args){
Int cor=new Int(),ver = new Int();
JigsawPuzzle p = new JigsawPuzzle();