Hi, I am currently creating a EPOS system for University
i need to try and find a way to make sure i don't void more items than are in the current transaciton as well as at the end transaction i take stock away from avaible stock.

i was thinking that when i add an item to the transaction i would add it into array so this would allow me to display it in a list for the interface.

when i want to void an item i can check if that item is in the array if it is then i remove it from the array if it isnt in the array then open a display box to say item has not been scanned os can not be voided. i will use same princple for multiplue voiding

then i could also use the array to take away sock level 1 per item in the array.

this is just my solution i am just wondering if there is any other better or easier solution that could solve this problem.