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    Default Really need help for the first Quiz...

    I am new Java learner this semester and I did not learnt anything about it before. Professor give me a bunch of questions and I still have some questions can be answered. Could any buddy can help me answer these questions? Thank you so much~

    1. If a client program contains multiple threads, can each use the same protocol port number (at
    the client side) to form connections to different servers? The same server? Explain.
    2. Read about DLLs. When does Windows Operating System load a DLL into memory? Does
    the operation occur when the application starts or when the application first calls one of the
    procedures in the DLL?
    3. Can a DLL be unloaded once it has been loaded? Explain.
    4. Look at the include file for sockets (i.e., the file <winsock.h>). What socket types are
    allowed? Does the file specify any socket types that do not make sense for TCP/IP protocols?
    5. What is the difference between an Interface and a protocol?
    6. Is WinSock an interface or a protocol? List at least three new concepts, additions and changes
    for WinSock 2

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    Default Re: Really need help for the first Quiz...

    If it's a quiz, aren't you supposed to do this yourself without outside help?

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    Default Re: Really need help for the first Quiz...

    Also, why not ask your professor if you are having trouble? I'm assuming this is some sort of take home quiz, more like a homework assignment. Maybe he will be willing to give you some direction. Also try searching (google and these forums may turn up results).

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