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    Default A question of calculation

    Hi all

    I am new to Java which is why i am posting here...

    I have a thread that throws 5000 at the code below...

    Java Code:
    double slpAmnt = (double)Math.random()*5000; // work out sleep amount
    try	{
    	sleep((long)slpAmnt);// sleep for sleep amount
    catch (Exception e1) {
    I would very much appreciate advice on what the emboldened code does with 5000?

    I think i understand the Math.random()*5000 produces anything in the range of 0 to 5000, but am unsure what the rest does?

    Many thanks for any replies
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    Default Re: A question of calculation

    Try reading the API doc for the sleep() method to see what it does.
    Java Platform SE 6

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