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    Default Change backgroundcolor of Labels

    Hello everyone,

    I have a question about changing the color of a Label,
    Normally i should use this: Label.setBackground(;
    But i want to use more collors wich are not implemented in Java, so i created the myselve:
    Color gold = new Color(255, 215, 0);
    Color silver = new Color(192, 192, 192);

    When I want to use these self-created colors to change this Background of the label, it's not possible.
    I tried this for example:
    This all doesn't work.

    Can somebody help me with this?

    Thanks a lot from Holland!

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    Default Re: Change backgroundcolor of Labels

    Label.setBackground(silver); should work, if Label ist the variable name of the label (if so, read the naming conventions :D)
    Is there a compiler error?
    Do you use the setBackground method in an inner class and silver is a local variable? (then it must be final!) does the code looks like?! Give us more informations!

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    Default Re: Change backgroundcolor of Labels

    Assuming this is Swing (I don't know how AWT works) you need to make the labels opaque first:

    Java Code:
    label.setOpaque( true );

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