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    Default Art and Science of Java Text help

    Hi everybody:

    I bought a copy of The Art and Science of Java by Eric S. Roberts and I am learning to program for the first time. The problem is, I don't have an instructor or access to the solutions to the programming problems. Where can I find the solutions? I swear I am not a student trying to cheat on my homework. Computer scientists say knowledge should be free, right ? Why restrict access to solutions that can help... I can't afford to attend Stanford and have my own instructor. I have so far been able to finish all the programming without a problem, but there is more to programming than just getting it to execute right. I want to see the "proper" solutions and see if I can gain some more insight on style and economy when it comes to writing code. Can anyone help ? "Qualified" instructors have access to the solutions through the publisher's site at Pearson Instructor Resource Center . Any real instructors out there that can hook me up ?
    Please help !
    Josh K. in NYC.

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    Default Re: Art and Science of Java Text help

    Nope, if you have working solutions, then I imagine for this stage in your education, you have solutions that are proper enough. However, if you post your code, we'll be happy to help out where you have questions!

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