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    Default Advice on where to start programming needed, and any good one highlt appreciated!

    I would like to become a programmer but Im very confused atm. I am studying towards Web Development degree and this is what I have been doing/studying programming wise so far: I was supposed to learn introduction to Java programming, but the university changed it to a semester of lectures on how to think like a programmer (the main topic was how the coffee machine works) and second semester of writing a simple game in Flash using ActionScript 3.0 (so no introduction to OOP or anything like that). Then, in the second year I learned a bit of PHP and JavaScript. Im currently on a placement year where I work mainly with web sites / applications written in .NET (C#,VB) and I find it entertaining but also difficult (as I have never learned C# before). I have tried to pick up a book of C# but I struggled as I feel I am missing out the very basics of OOP, I do not understand how the classes works etc. I have decided that I probably need to back and start from scratch, learning one and only programming language and learn it properly. I would like my career go towards mobile development (mainly iOs and Android) and application development for businesses (finance etc.). I have came to the conclusion that for me, the main two languages I should choose from are Java or Objective C. I would like to start writing iPhone apps straight away as it sounds very interesting and all that, but I am going to leave it for a moment as I need to learn and understand basics of OOP first. So, I find a lot of comments on how good Java is etc. and therefore I would study Java hard (maybe take on some courses etc.), then grasp it, write few programs and when I am confident with it, move on to Objective C and iOs development (which means learning another language from scratch)? Is this the right approach? Or shall I start with Objective C straight away and learn basics of OOP with it? I have no idea what is better seriously I need help! :)

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    Default Re: Advice on where to start programming needed, and any good one highlt appreciated!


    you have to select first what you have to do.If you select java then be a master of it.if you choose iphone then be a master of it.I just want to tell you that,choose any one destiniy and strictly follow it because industry is always looking for master people.

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    Default Re: Advice on where to start programming needed, and any good one highlt appreciated!

    I don't know if I entirely agree with the above advice. In theory it makes sense, but in practice it will likely be better to have a more diverse education for two reasons. The first of which is employment prospects. If you can program in java, c++, lisp, perl and a few other languages you may have an easier time finding a job. On top of that, experiencing different paradigms may be helpful and this can happen naturally if you study different language types.

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