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    Question Calling args from main method

    Java Code:
    class Main {
    	public static void main(String[] args)throws FileNotFoundException{
    		  FileHandler fileHandler = new FileHandler();
    	   catch(Exception e){
    		System.out.println("Exiting program... " + e);
    	}//end main
    }//end class Main
    /************ FileHandler ************/
    class FileHandler{
    	private final int ARRSIZE = 100;
    	private HashFun[] hashArr;
    	private int size; 
    	public FileHandler(){
    	   this.hashArr = new HashFun[ARRSIZE];
    		this.size = 0;
    	public void createArray() throws IOException, NullPointerException{
    		 	BufferedReader reader;  
    			File file = new File(args[0]); //  <--- doesn't recognize args(offcourse) :smash:
    			reader = new BufferedReader(new FileReader(file));
                            String line = reader.readLine();//read in lines from file
    			while ((line)!= null){
    				int index;
    				String name, number;
    				boolean hasBoth = false;
    					if((index = line.indexOf(" ")) != -1){
    						name = line.substring(0, index);
    						number = line.substring(index, line.length());
    						hasBoth = true;
    						HashFun hashObj = new HashFun(name, number);
    						name = line;
    						HashFun hashObj = new HashFun(name);}
    					hashArr[this.size] =hashObj;
    					size ++;
    				}//end try
    				catch(Exception e){
    					System.out.println("Following error occurred "+e);
    				line = reader.readLine();		
    			}//end while
    	}//end createArray()
    //aditional info: the text file suppose to contain names and numbers separated by space.
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    Default Re: Calling args from main method

    Do you have a question?

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    Default Re: Calling args from main method

    Whatever the question, it certainly isn't 'advanced'.

    Moving to 'New to Java'

    If you're forever cleaning cobwebs, it's time to get rid of the spiders.

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    Default Re: Calling args from main method

    You can pass args about like any other variable.

    It may well be that the FileHandler constructor should be passed this value so that when (if?) createArray() is called it will have access to the desired filename.

    There are alternatives: createArray() is public and if you intend calling it from outside the FileHandler then createArray() itself could be passed args. Or - and this is the most straightforward - pass createArray() the desired filename string.

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