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    Default How do you use an arraylist of string arrays

    I need to read a variable number of lines from a text file
    So I cannot use a two dimensional array. Instead, I would like to use an arraylist of array of string where the array has a fixed number of strings. But I get an error msg
    Java Code:
    import java.util.*;
    public class gd
        private String[] data=new String[4];
        private ArrayList<data> rd;
        public gd(){
            rd=new ArrayList<data>();
        public ArrayList<data> rd(){
            File tf=new File ("rmfile.txt");
                BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader (new FileReader("textfile.txt"));
                String str; int i=0;
                while ((str=in.readLine())!=null){
            catch (IOException e){
            return rd;

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    Default Re: How do you use an arraylist of string arrays

    Your ArrayList is of type ArrayList<String[]>, i.e. you mention the type of its elements (here: a String array), not the name of an identifier of that type.

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