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Thread: Creating a "Quiz" on my Website

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    Exclamation Creating a "Quiz" on my Website

    I would like to add a "Quiz" to my website.

    I have used basic HTML forms to create how I would like the quiz to look, the quiz is multiple choice. Now I would like the quiz to be graded automatically without e-mailing me, and tell the user how they did.

    I don't know JAVA but I would like to know if Java would be one method of doing this.

    Any other methods I am also open to, thanks.

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    Default Re: Creating a "Quiz" on my Website

    Are you perhaps confusing Java with Javascript? Do you know the difference (they're about as different as ham is to hamster)? Perhaps you should do a bit more reading/studying?
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    Default Re: Creating a "Quiz" on my Website

    If you do not want to persist this grading information, then like Fubarable said, you want javascript to give feedback to your user not java. Java and Javascript are two different beasts and a quick google search will tell you why. You could implement what you want using JavaEE but it would be using a huge framework to accomplish very little and again Javascript would be your answer. For a brief non google lazy production... Javascript was named such by employee's at Netscape to piggy back on the huge success of Java at the time, you might even find that Javasctript is in its official name is something like but not (maybe) entirely accurate: EMCAScript.... Happy Google hunting.

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