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    Post HashTable and Hash Map are not Showing duplicate values

    i think hashtable can allow multiple values with same key. But how can i look at all the values with the same key. I have just far reached uptill here
    in both the cases of the while loop it shows only the values 1, 2 , and 4. If it allows multiple values with the same key then it must show 3 and 4 for the same key which is 3. But it is not showing here. or i don't know how to print the values.
    Hashtable<String,String> m = new Hashtable<String,String>();


    Set set = m.keySet(); // get set-view of keys
    Set set1 = m.entrySet(); //get set of all values in hash table

    // get iterator
    Iterator itr = set.iterator();
    Iterator itr1 = set1.iterator();

    String str;
    double bal;


    str = (String);
    System.out.println(str + ": " +m.get(str));

    Map.Entry e = (Map.Entry);

    but in both cases the output is
    1 : 1
    2 : 2
    3 : 4

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    Default Re: HashTable and Hash Map are not Showing duplicate values

    Quote Originally Posted by omerkhalid34 View Post
    i think hashtable can allow multiple values with same key
    Please see your private messages for an important note.

    As for your original question, you'll want to re-read the API as your assumptions are incorrect. The only way around this that I know is to have the HashTable's (or better the HashMap's) value be an ArrayList or other collection.

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