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    Angry Eclipse: cannot port preferences

    EDIT: Oh, I see that Eclipse DID import the settings! The error message was simply false alarm. I've really gotten to hate Eclipse, it creates huge problems for nothing and is a tremendous obstacle for learning java. many errors and warnings are false, I wish I could simply disable all of that, because I've gotten used to running code first in order to see if any of the errors are real. Every error, and false error, it causes is unique so there exists no learning. I've spent much more time searching for stuff in the menu jungle than I've spent with java related things. Managing file names and search paths has been the main issue thus far.

    Problem now solved:
    I've spent time creating nice preference settings in Eclipse, but I cannot export them. I've created these preference settings in one workspace and export them as a .epf file. But I cannot import this .epf file when in another workspace (on the same PC). When I select the .epf to import, Eclipse simply says "Problems saving preferences" and the only thing I can do is to OK that.

    Whatever could the problem be???
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