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    Default Adding tests to a Java class


    I have been given a Java program, and been asked to write a set of tests for one of the classes, but it's been a long time since I've done any programming, and I'm a bit unsure of where to start...

    This is the class that I have been asked to write tests for:

    Java Code:
    public class Question {
    	private String id; 
    	private String text; 
    	public Question(String id, String text) {
  = id; 
           this.text = text; 
    	public String getId() { 
    		return id; 
    	public String getText() { 
    		return text; 
    	public void setText(String text) { 
    		this.text = text; 
    	public boolean equals(Object other) { 
    		if(other instanceof Question) { 
    	       Question otherQuestion = (Question)other; 
    		return false; 
    There a couple of things I'm not sure about, i.e. should I add the tests to this class, or should I create a separate class to do the testing?
    Also, how would I then go about testing each of the methods in the class?

    The task description is simply:

    Write a set of tests for the Question class. You should do this for all of the methods that are currently in the Question class1. If you identify any bugs with the code, you should fix the bugs and state what you have fixed in your report.

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    Default Re: Adding tests to a Java class

    You'd test it by answering the question: does each method do what it's supposed to do? So your first step would be to write out, in your own words, what each method should do. What is true before the method is called? What is true afterwards? Then write code that tests those assumptions.
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    Default Re: Adding tests to a Java class

    And the testing code would be in a different class.
    It would create an instance of Question and then have tests that will call a method with some parameter or other and then check whether the question object has done the correct thing (ie the data has been changed correctly).

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