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    Default Reading a binary file


    I have a binary file that I want to read and parse. It uses a special format, and I have a text document that describes the standard.
    Lets say I read the contents of the file into a byte buffer. Now I need to parse it, x number of bits at a time.

    So I need for example first read 7 bits, and assign it to a variable, and then read the next 3 bits and assign to another variable, and then read 26 bits and assign them into a variable.
    The standard specifies the datatypes, so for example the 7 bits i read should be cast to a int and so on.

    Any tips on how i can do this the best way?

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Reading a binary file

    To get at bits you will need to use the AND operator to strip off the unwanted bits and the SHIFT operator to right adjust the bits. For example to get the first 5 bits of a byte:
    theByte & 0XF8
    theByte >> 3

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    Default Re: Reading a binary file

    I'd use a BitWrapper class the wraps an InputStream; it can hand out single bits while buffering single bytes read from the InputStream. An auxilliary method can collect and return multiple bits. It isn't much code.

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