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    Default ArrayList

    the fields and constructor have been defined as follow;

    public class Meeting

    private String code;
    private Date raceDate;
    private double cost;
    private int points;
    private double totalCosts = 0;
    private String venue;
    private int places;

    private ArrayList<Student> team ;

    public Meeting(String cod, String ven, int plac, int poin, double cos, int d, int m, int y )
    code = cod;
    venue = ven;
    places = plac;
    points = poin;
    cost = cos;
    raceDate = new Date(d, m, y);
    team = new ArrayList<Student>();

    and this is what i have been asked tp do;

    signUp()which will allow a student to sign up for the race meeting. When a student signs up for the meeting, their achievements points are incremented by the attendance points of the race meeting, they are added to the team and the cost for the meeting is added to the contest's total costs. Seniors pay &#163;10, juniors pay half of the costs, matures pay the full cost.

    Can you please help me to do this method

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    You havent described the problem completely. what is an attendance point? where is the contest defined?

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