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    Default HELP!!! How to create an object with parameter problem

    public class Book {
    String title;
    double price;

    public Book(String title, double price){
    this.title = title;
    this.price = price;

    public class BookStore {
    String name;
    List<Book> bookList;/* = new ArrayList<Book>();*/

    public BookStore(String name, List<Book> bookList){ = name;
    this.bookList = bookList;

    public class TestBookStore {
    public static void main(String args[]){
    Book book = new Book("Java Programming", 200.0);
    BookStore bookStore = new BookStore(what should i type here?);

    BookStore bookStore = new BookStore("ABC BOOK", ?????, ?????);

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    Default Re: HELP!!! How to create an object with parameter problem

    Well, you need to provide a List of Books, which would presumably include the Book you just created.
    So create a List<Book> and add the book to it, then pass that in.

    ETA: Though it does seem odd to me that a BookStore would start with a populated list of books.
    I'd have thought the constructor would simply have the store name, and there would be an empty list created.
    Then you'd have addBook and addBooks methods to add stuff to it.

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    Default Re: HELP!!! How to create an object with parameter problem

    in this case you should type something like this:

    BookStore bookStore = new BookStore("NAME",new LinkedList<Book>()
    add(new Book("book1",12.22));
    add(new Book("book2",12.22));

    (double braces are a anonymous constructor in anonymous class)

    and remember to make BookStore 'static' due to invoking constructor from static method TestBookStore.main

    If you want to use comma separated list you can do this

    public BookStore(String name, Book ... bookList){ = name;
    this.bookList = Arrays.asList(bookList);

    and then

    new BookStore("NAME", new Book("book1",12.22), new Book("book2",12.22));
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