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Thread: Queuing Nodes

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    Default Queuing Nodes

    I am trying to make a basic program for an Air traffic controller to land planes as the come in using nodes but i cant get the nodes to order properly as when i add a new one in it deletes the first node.

    here is my code for the ordering of the nodes.

    Java Code:
    public void addPlane (PlaneNode planeIn) {
        if (start == null) {
            start = planeIn;
            end = planeIn;
            end = start;
            System.out.println("Thank you the plane has been added");
           } else {
    //        if(end == start ){
    //        // get the lastNode in queue
    //        PlaneNode currentFirst = new PlaneNode ();
    //        currentFirst = this.getEnd();
    //        currentFirst.setNext(planeIn);
    //        planeIn.setPrevious(currentFirst);
    //        planeIn.setNext(null);
    //        end = planeIn;
    //        System.out.println(currentFirst.toString());
    //        System.out.println(planeIn.toString());
    //        System.out.println("Thank you the plane has been added1");
    //             } else {
           // if already nodes in queue
           // get the lastNode in queue
            PlaneNode currentLast = this.getEnd();
             //  current update 
            // new plane update
            // update queue's last value to point to new plane 
            this.end = planeIn;
            System.out.println("Thank you the plane has been added2");
    The add planeIn PlaneNode works fine. Any help would be great. Thanks
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    Default Re: Queuing Nodes

    Could you provide some print out that shows what is happening?
    What is the code you posted supposed to do?

    How can it be tested? Can you provide a small class with a main method that calls the posted method and shows the problem?

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