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    Default stringtokenizer + array problem

    Hi, this is my first post.. so plz don't shout at me so much :)

    I am spliting some text by using stringtokenizer and then i have to maka an array from those words... and i get some problems.. I am totally noob in java so... be patient :) plz. here is part of my code:

    Java Code:
    StringTokenizer st1 = new StringTokenizer(s,".,; ");
                  String words [];
                  words = new String[st1.countTokens()];
                 //words[0]= st1.nextToken();
                 int i=0;
           	  words[i] = st1.nextToken();
                  while (st1.hasMoreTokens()) {
    			     //for  (int j=0; j<words.length; j++)System.out.println(words[i]);
                 // int i= 1;
       		   //  words[i++] = st1.nextToken();
    			     //int i=1;
    				 //words[i++] = st1.nextToken();  	
    				// System.out.println(words[1]); }
    All those comments are my 'tries' ... hehe

    I have no idea where or how to make an array from those words that i get them from stringtokenizer.. after making this array i have to check if first and last word is the same [that's why probably i need to make this array... ]

    Any help?

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    Default Re: stringtokenizer + array problem

    how to make an array from those words
    Several steps:
    1) create the array
    2) create an index for use with the array
    3) get the data
    4) assign the data to the array at the index
    5) increment the index to the next slot in the array

    Steps 3,4,5 are in a loop

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