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Thread: MidiEvent Issues.

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    Default MidiEvent Issues.

    Hey everyone,

    I'm currently working through a tutorial on how to draw graphics in time with music and the first step in this tutorial
    is to simply learn how to build a static utility method that makes a message and returns a midi event. The problem I'm having is that
    my makeEvent method doesn't return a midiEvent but from what I can tell I've done it the right way. I'm still learning a lot about Java and really can't tell where I have gone wrong.
    Below is my code.

    Thanks in advance if anyone can offer any help


    Java Code:
    package gui; 
    import javax.sound.midi.*; 
    public class MiniMusicPlayer1 { 
    public static void main(String[]args){ 
    Sequencer sequencer = MidiSystem.getSequencer(); //This creates a new instance of the sequencer; // This opens the sequencer up, ready for use 
    Sequence seq = new Sequence(Sequence.PPQ,4); // This create a new sequence 
    Track track = seq.createTrack(); // This creates a new track 
    for (int i = 5; i< 61; i+= 4){ //This for loop makes a bunch of events that keeps the notes going up in a scale from 5 to 61. 
    } catch(Exception ex) 
    public static MidiEvent makeEvent(int comd, int chan, int one, int two, int tick) { 
    MidiEvent event = null; 
    ShortMessage a = new ShortMessage(); // Making a new instance of a message 
    a.setMessage(comd, chan, one, two); // Calling set message with instructions 
    event = new MidiEvent(a, tick); // Making a MidiEvent instance for the message 
    }catch(Exception e) { } 
    return event; //returns a MidiEvent all loaded with the message. 

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    Default Re: MidiEvent Issues.

    What is it returning? Is it null?

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    Default Re: MidiEvent Issues.

    my makeEvent method doesn't return a midiEvent
    Why are you so sure?

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    Default Re: MidiEvent Issues.

    }catch(Exception e) { }
    Never do that. At the very least, print or log the stack trace.

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    Default Re: MidiEvent Issues.

    Hey man,

    Thanks for the response!
    I managed to get it working, turns out I already had a class called "makeEvent "in the same package. I think
    eclipse might of auto created it really not sure. I acknowledge your advice on exceptions I need to get use to that wwhole system.

    Thanks again for your replies
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