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    Default OO for calculations?

    Object orientation is swell when the program flow will be unknown. As when interacting with a user or with a network, or during multitasking like with a smart phone where anything might happen. Or when modelling a physical world with real physical objects.

    But if one will simply perform some calculations on some data, is OO then really helpful? There will be no surprises on the road. Code will be executed in the order A, B, C. Each part delivers its result to the next. Why not do it all in one static class?
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    Default Re: OO for calculations?

    I don't think unpredictability is as much of a concern as complexity. If A, B and C are single statements just stick 'em in a static main() and be happy.

    It's when things become more complex than that that some mechanisms are needed to manage what's going on. Using classes is one such mechanism. But only one.

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