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    Default JFrame and paint()

    I am trying to create a program using JFrame but i dont understand how i am supposed to draw to the screen.

    Like in applets(not JApplets) you just have public void paint(Graphics g) and then you can do whatever you want. How do i do this with JFrame???

    I would appreciate an explanation or a link to a tutroial. Thanks

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    Default Re: JFrame and paint()

    Custom painting is done by overriding the paintComponent() method of a JPanel (or JComponent). Then you add the panel to the frame.

    See: Lesson: Performing Custom Painting (The Java™ Tutorials > Creating a GUI With JFC/Swing)

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    Default Re: JFrame and paint()

    Are you sure thats what you want to do with the JFrame? You said you are trying to create a program so what kind of program is it? Just wondering if you read the Swing tutorials?

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