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    Default Loops (while do etc)

    Hi i am new to java and i am trying to fix a problem that i have any sort of help would be greatfully

    What the problem is with loops they confuse me a bit

    what i want is for the first or second do loop to wrap from the do to while gallery bit

    Then the second on to do it to the do loop to ecomy while part but skip past the gallery bit

    So ecomcy does up to seattype =;
    so its asks you what seat you want then because he wants an ecomcy seat then skip past the gallery part then loop the ecomcy section end while (economycount <= 15);

    What i am tring to do is so you can chosen a ticket for cinema but there are onlt 15 seat 1-10 are ecomny
    seat 11-15 are gallery

    thanks any little bit of imformation on how i can solve this problem would be a help

    Java Code:
    import java.util.Scanner;
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    hi manupr

    It seems to me that you have a very simple problem, I was confused why nobody has answered it, Then I read it now I am confused, could you re-write it please, sorry or maybe it is me

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