I am trying to create an auction website. I have a table that contains the item data. What I want is, when a user clicks on "Buy item", to get the item id of this specific item, so that I can tell it is a bought item. Here is the code from the jsp.

Java Code:
int itemnumber = ItemDAO.getitemRowcount();		
	for(int i = 0; i < itemnumber; i++) {
		ItemBean bean = new ItemBean();
// I want to have this id on the server side, when "Buy item" is pressed, and the jsp is sent to BuyitemServlet
		bean= ItemDAO.getItems(bean);
		String itemtitle = bean.getItemTitle();
		String itemdescription = bean.getItemDescription();
		double itemprice = bean.getPrice();%>		 		
		<td> Image </td>
		<td> <%= itemtitle %> </td>
		<td> <%= itemdescription%> </td> 
		<td> <%=itemprice%> </td>		
		<form action ="BuyItemServlet" method = "post" >
		<input type = "submit" value = "Buy item">