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    Default CPU Usage 100% and hangs the system - HELP!!!

    I am working on a JAVA SE Application. This application performs multiple activities at run time like checking records and inserting multiple records simultaneously. At the loading time the application works fine and doesn't consume CPU usage but when it starts working with database it consumes CPU usage upto 100% and becomes hang and due to this it block second operation to occur too. Any solution plz...

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    Default Re: CPU Usage 100% and hangs the system - HELP!!!

    Profile it.
    Take several heap dumps and see what's going on in the memory.
    Have a look inside and see what is going on with garbage collection.

    Possibly the first thing, though, is debug it and step through to ensure you're not in a permanent loop somewhere...

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    Default Re: CPU Usage 100% and hangs the system - HELP!!!

    sounds like you have an infinite loop, or a blocked operation that is sitting and waiting for something. Perhaps deadlock. Have you line by line debugged it to see which line it hangs on?

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