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    Default Creating a Database using JTable

    I will start with a little background information. I am currently a student and don't have much experience in programming yet. Where I work, when an
    accident occurs, a accident report is filled out by hand, and then the information is copied into an Excel spreadsheet. I spoke to the plant manager and he has given me the go ahead to create software to streamline this process and make it a little easier.

    The main aspect of my program will be displaying information. I want to create a database for all of the accidents and thought a JTable would be the best way. I can't figure out how to create a JFrame within the main frame to contain a table for the database.

    Basically, I want to be able to click on the New Database in the File Menu and have it open a blank table. When you click on the new accident in the file
    menu, I want it to bring up a window to fill out the accident report. When the report is filled out and the OK button is selected, I want the table to update with the information entered on the report.

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    Default Re: Creating a Database using JTable

    Your project is very vulnerable to 'feature bloat'; i.e. you start with a single user who can enter those 'accident records', next they want other users to be able to do the same at the same time; next they want to be able to do that with their browser, cell phone, toaster or whatever; next they want to protect the entire system against intruders; next they want a coupling wuth Excel, because Excel is so soft for your hands, next they want reports generated automatically each Monday, next they want piecharts ... and the list goes on and on. Better first specify rigidly what your application can and can not do.

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