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    Default Extension problem using JFileChooser


    Can anyone please help me with this? I'm using a JFileChooser to create new files, I want it to save them in a ".txt" format, the problem is the user has to explicitely add ".txt" to his file name, otherwise it will save it as "what_the_user_has_typed" without any extension...

    and after I recover the filename the user has typed, there's no function to change the name as "setName"

    Java Code:
    File file = new File();
    And the renameTo(new File()); fails, can I program it so it automatically adds the ".txt" extension to what the user has typed?

    Thank you :)

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    Default Re: Extension problem using JFileChooser

    after I recover the filename the user has typed, there's no function to change the name as "setName"
    What about

    Java Code:
    file = new File(file.getParent(), newName);
    where file is as returned by the dialog, and newName is the name you would prefer to use.


    Strictly speaking ".txt" is an extension not a format; files are like roses in this respect.

    This isn't just a quibble. It's up to your program what format you save a file in, but you should be a bit careful about rejecting the name that the user wishes to give it. I don't appreciate the likes of Notepad being "helpful". Perhaps add a checkbox "add .txt" or something, and respect the filename if it has a . in it.

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