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Thread: What next?

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    Default What next?

    I apologize if this is in the wrong place.

    I am a computer science major in my senior year and have learned a fair deal about java including some oo programming and networking. Next quarter I am in mostly math classes but want to continue programming. My question is where should I go from here? What is a practical next step in learning java or expanding my programming knowledge?

    Thanks all!

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    Default Re: What next?

    The thing that helped me further my experience was to come up with some project ideas - not from a 'how to code it' standpoint but from an end-goal perspective. When I discovered particle simulations, I decided it would be fun to code my own. The things I learned in doing so - about graphics libraries, efficiency, collision detection, etc... helped me greatly. The most important part was that I found something I found to be fun, and that motivated me to dig deeper. Find a niche you enjoy and then dive in!

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