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    Default Java mouse events in gui.

    I fiew days in java and i can't undetstand what here is wrong? why it write me x:0 y:0?
    I use netBeans.

    Java Code:
    private void But1MousePressed(java.awt.event.MouseEvent evt) {
        int aMx = getX();
        int aMy = getY();
        But1.setText("x:" + aMx + "y:" + aMy);
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    Default Re: Java mouse events in gui.

    You are calling getX() on whatever thing this code is part of. It could very well be a Component at the top left corner of the screen where getX() returns zero. Better to call getX() on the MouseEvent instance if you want to know the position of the mouse.


    If you have only been using Java for a few days I would strongly recommend you work through basic Java syntax either from a textbook or something online like Oracle's Tutorial. Graphical user interfaces are complex and coding them in Java is not something that can be explained piecemeal in a forum.

    In Java variables and methods start with a lowercase letter. So, but1MousePressed() and but1.

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