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    Default Giant Piece of Code and want it somewhere else.

    I have a giant piece of code that is a bunch of graphics and I want to put it in another class and then call it from their in the class that will run the applet I'm making so it can be more readable. Here is the code I want to put away:

    Java Code:
    		g.fillRect((x2 - 75), (y2 + 200), (width2 - 50), (height2 - 25));
    		g.fillRect((x2 -25), (y2 + 225), (width2 - 75), (height2 - 75));
    		g.fillRect((x2 - 25), (y2 + 200), (width2 - 75), (height2 - 75));
    		g.fillRect((x2 - 25), (y2 + 250), (width2 - 75), (height2 - 50));
    This is just a piece of it since I believe it's too long and I just want to place it somewhere else and to be called so it can show up in the applet, I've tried a few things but they didn't work.

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    Default Re: Giant Piece of Code and want it somewhere else.

    You're going to have to be a little more specific than that. What have you tried? How didn't it work? Your best bet is to create an SSCCE that demonstrates where you're stuck.
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